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Location, location, location

An exciting new paper in the journal Nature: shows that bacteria occupying the same ecological niche within the human body exchange DNA. Studying the transfer may help elucidate which bacterial genes are important for causing disease. Advertisements

Are we too clean?

There is no doubt that millions of lives have been saved through the introduction of vaccination,¬†improved sanitation and the use of antibiotics. Since the identification of disease-causing microbes in the 19th century by Pasteur and Koch, childhood mortality rates have been drastically reduced. This is an important backdrop to more recent work on the ‘Hygiene … Continue reading

A day in the life…of a biologist

What does a scientist actually do on a daily basis? A question with too many answers because it depends on their area of science and the research aims, but I thought I’d give a brief description of some of the things I get up to in the lab. This may be of interest if you’re … Continue reading

Tasty science!

Hello to all interested in tasty bites of science – not healthy perhaps, but quite filling! I’ll be posting thoughts and commentary on research and news in science, so keep reading.